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The 2016 categories and prizes are as follows:

State Library of Western Australian West Australian History ($10,000)

The purpose of the award is to promote the State Library of Western Australia as the leading centre for original research and scholarship of West Australian History.

Western Australian Emerging Writers ($10,000)

For the first published work (of any genre) by an author residing in Western Australia. This category excludes self-published works.

Childrenís Books ($15,000)

For a work of prose and/or poetry written for children. In the case of a book containing original illustrations the judging panel may determine that the award and prize money be shared between the writer and the illustrator.

Fiction ($15,000)

For a work of Fiction (which may be a novel or a collection of stories).

Non-fiction ($15,000)

For a work of Non-fiction which may include biography, autobiography, history, natural history, literary criticism and other works of social, political or topical interest.

Poetry ($10,000)

For a book of poetry. Where the work contains both poetry and prose, the predominant genre determines the category into which it should be entered.

Scripts ($10,000)

For a script written for theatre, radio, film or television.

Writing for Young Adults ($10,000)

For a work of prose and/or poetry written for young adults.

Digital Narrative ($5,000)

The Digital Narrative category is open to entrants who have created a narrative for a digital platform. The award is based on the narrative merit of a work written specifically for delivery and reading/viewing on an electronic device such as a tablet or mobile phone.

People's Choice Award ($5,000)

The public will be invited to vote on their favourite book out of those shortlisted in the Fiction category only. The People's Choice Award will be awarded to the author of the title which receives the most votes

The Premierís Prize ($25,000)

This prize is for the best overall entry from all category and award winners (except the Peopleís Choice Award) and recognises the most outstanding winning entry.

These awards have been made available by the Western Australian Government and are managed by the State Library of Western Australia.